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We offer a wide range of chemical products from the most technologically advanced manufacturers for various industrial applications such as textile, rubber, films, composites, urethanes, metal working, coatings, adhesives and many others.
Major products groups include:

DENACOL® Mono- and multi-functional, water-soluble glycidyl ethers used for textile, paper finishing, coatings, adhesives, moulding compounds, electronic materials and special polymers as an efficient cross-linking agents, resin modifiers, reactive diluents etc., including:

  • Low chlorine and high purity grades
  • Bio-based epoxy resins made from natural renewable raw materials such as isosorbide, glycerol, sorbitol
  • UV curable phenol / glycerol based epoxy acrylates and cycloaliphatic resins


Photo and thermal acid generators for cationic polymerization / deprotection reaction (electronics and coatings) incl. antimony free types, high sensitive at g, h, i-lines types, which feature high storage stability and reactivity, excellent solubility.

Photo curable acrylates and methacrylates used for (opto)electronics, UV inks, coatings, paints, adhesives and moulding materials.

Organic super strong bases used as a catalyst for polyurethane reaction, epoxy curing accelerator, various organic synthesis reactions promoter.

Oxetane monomers for photo-cationic polymerization systems (paints, inks, coatings, adhesives, composites).

Metalworking chemicals such as sintering binder materials; lubricants and corrosion inhibitors for wire drawing, metal processing and cutting fluids.

Intermediates for solvents, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals (pyridine, beta-picoline, piperidine, cyano pyridine, niacinamide, lutidine).

High molecular modifiers (reactive monomers) for rubber, fibres, photographic materials, coupling agents, resin surface reformers etc.







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