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Serving European customers with special materials for:

  • Color formers
  • Developers, sensitizers, stabilizers for Thermal & Carbonless paper
  • Toner and ink jet
  • Sensitizers for CTP printing
  • Compounding additives for film anti block, light diffusion and coloring
  • Dichoric dyes for LCD applications
  • 3D printing filament with shape memory effect

Nagase offers a variety of technologies for paper and inks, with a portfolio that includes materials for thermal and carbonless paper, ink jet, toner and ultraviolet (UV) applications. Nagase Japan started its business with the trading of dyes in 1832 and Nagase Europa uses this deep knowledge and experience to serve our customers with materials for paper applications such as thermal and carbonless paper materials and synthetic paper.

For the field of Colors & Printing we offer a wide range of raw materials as additives from paints and inks to pigments, dyestuffs, control charge agents, waxes, resins and raw materials for resins for the field of Inkjet, toner, UV Ink, 3D Printing and Food Packing print applications. We leverage the strengths of our group companies, such as Nagase ChemteX, Sofix Corporation, Fukui Yamada and Hayashibara while providing application and formulation support via our Nagase Applications Workshop, for unique, customized solutions in paints and coatings.

Our portfolio: 

Product name

Product description (incl. chemical name if available)

Application area


Black Leuco dye Molecular Formula: C35H36N2O3

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Black Leuco dye Molecular Formula: C34H34N2O3

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Black Leuco dye Molecular Formula: C42H36N2O4CI4

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Reddish blue Leuco dye Molecular Formula: C42H36N2O4CI4

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Suitable for acidic chemical for thermal paper including
2,4 Bis-Phenol; 4,4 Bis-Phenol; 4-Hydroxy-4-Isopropoxy
Difenylsufone; Bis-(3-Allyl-4-Hydroxyphenyl) Sulfone
and Urea-Urethane Compound

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Simple ether chemicals for intermediate mixing Colour
former and Developer inside of thermal coating layer.
Including: Diphenyl Sulfone; Di-(P-Methylbenzl)
Oxalate; Di-(P-Chlorobenzyl) Oxalate and
2-(Phenylmethoxy) Napthalene.

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Chemicals for stabilizing printed image

Thermal and Carbonless paper


Fatty Acid Amide Dispersion; Wax Emulsion,
and Zinc Stearate Dispersion

Thermal and Carbonless paper

Synthetic paper

Paper-like film

Label, Tags 

Binder resins

Styrene acrylic, Poliyester

Toner formulation

Charge control agents

Control of triboelectric charge in toners used in
photocopiers and laser printers

Toner formulation


Ester and Polyolefin waxes

Toner formulation

Pigment dispersions

Pigment dispersion in various solvents Ink jet ink formulation


Wide range of Acrylic and Methacrylic
monomers and oligomers

Ink jet ink formulation

3D Filament for FEM

Filament with unique property

to make objects by FDM printer







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