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With ambitious goals and the support of our colleagues across the world Nagase is able to create customer oriented solutions within the whole value added chain. We support our customers with our engineering expertise and offer co-developmnet solutions in diversified technology fields. We offer process materials and equiment for semiconductor and electronic devices manufacturing, from design-in to mass production. 


Formulated epoxy resins and related products:

  • Liquid moulding compound for FOWLB
  • Sheet moulding materials
  • Compounds for power modules
  • NCPs and Under-fill materials for semiconductor packages
  • Thermally conductive and / or electrically conductive materials


Process materials and equipment:

  • Abrasives for various Wafers and Materials
  • Photolithography materials for the production of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays
  • Chemical Management Systems for LCD and semiconductor production
  • Structural materials for cars and aircraft


On Wafer level:

  • Electroless plating of Ni/Au, Ni/Pd/Au or Ag on 5 to 12 inch wafers
  • Laser based solder ball placement
  • Laser based bonding service on substrates
  • Laser bonder for Camera modules or Solder Ball placement


Consumer Electronics:

  • Optical films for liquid crystals for smartphones,tablets and others
  • Touch panel materials
  • Gap filling adhesives (L-OCA) for curved and flat displays
  • Anti-reflection sheets and Polarizer (AR and AF film) for plastic and glass
  • Electronic paper-related materials
  • Materials for flexible or organic light-emitting displays







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