Paint & Coating

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Nagase (Europa) GmbH is a trusted partner who sources new and innovative products for our customer’s needs.
To realise this mission we use our long-term relationships with our suppliers as well as the power of the worldwide acting Nagase Group.
We bring it all together: high quality materials with excellent performance, cost efficiency and superb service.

For your paint and coatings we can offer as follows:

  • Additives: e.g. Defoamers, Thickener, Antisettling Additive, Anti-Drip-off solution, Dispersant, Amines, Surface acting agent, Matting agent, Flame retardant agent
  • Pigments: e.g. Aluminium Paste, Pigment Preparation, TiO2
  • Resins: e.g.  Acryl, Epoxy, Polyester, Polyurethane Resins, Hardeners, Polyamide, Cross-linkers, powder coating resins
  • Solvents: e.g. Alcohols solvents, Ether Solvents, Esters solvents, Ketone solvents
  • Starch based materials: e.g. Pulluan, Trehalose







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