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Nagase offers a wide range of products & services in both the pharmaceutical and medical domains. We play a key role in the sales and marketing of raw materials/intermediates/excipients/GE APIs as well as CMO arrangement utilizing our vast and solid group infrastructure including manufacturing and R&D functions. Development of sales channel for FDFs in Europe is our new challenge to extend our business field.

Pharma-Medical Products

The product range of Pharmaceutical division is composed of 4 main domains such as:

  •  Raw materials intermediates
  •  Excipients
  • GE APIs
  • FDFs.

We provide customized solutions for our clients in the Pharmaceutical and Medical fields utilising our own R&D capabilities, Regulatory affairs and manufacturing subsidiaries such as Hayashibara Co.,Ltd. and Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.

Our main products are:

Trehalose SG (Endotoxin Trehlose)
Trehalose SG is a high purity injectable grade of Trehlose that can be used as a stabilizer for biomaterials, proteins, etc. during processing and storage.

Pullulan (Pharmaceutical Grade) 
Pullulan is a unique functional polysaccharide for film-forming, capsules, tablets and binder applications.

Trehalose 100PH (Pharmaceutical Grade)
Trehalose PH is a pharmaceutical grade of Trehalose which can be used as an excipient and in other applications.

Maltose PH (Pharmaceutical Grade)
Maltose PH is highly purified crystalline monhydrate maltose, which has guaranteed low endotoxin levels for injectables.

Unnatural Amino Acids
Unique chiral building blocks for small molecule and peptide synthesis.

Maruoka Catalyst
Catalyst used for the assymetic stereoselective alkylation of amino acids.







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